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Action. Magic. Dragons. And a little romance. It’s YA Fantasy at its finest!

Zach Reuben

Life is never normal for the crown prince and his twin brother.

It hasn’t been since their mother died and a powerful dragon moved into the kingdom.

Now that dragon has Tarrek and Albree under her control. Sometimes, the twins can pretend they aren’t her slaves, but then she commands them with a powerful spell. The only thing they can do is obey, straight into battle with skilled opponents that can rival them in strength, magic, and skill. It’s fight or die, and they both know they’re screwed … But that doesn’t keep them from trying … most of the time.

Abby writes YA fantasy for readers who love staring evil in the face, who wish to slay it with a glowing sword, and do it with a kick-ass lead you won’t forget. With over 20 years of writing experience, it’s her pleasure to take you to a world with magic, villains, and heroes you will love in a realm you won't want to leave. Join her VIP mailing list and get “Twins of Shadow” FREE by clicking => Here Now!.

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