The First Dark Goddess (Whisper Court Book 2)

A hated prince. A shunned princess.
And a dark goddess with a lust for death.

Clyde Blitzkurr is the most hated man in the city. After single-handedly destroying a demon, he is falsely accused of murdering two innocents. Now the people want his neck in a noose.

Aylee Blitzkurr has just found her own magic. Talking to dead people is only half the problem. Now that her eyes are pink—telling the world she has powers—the public fear her abilities and are willing to kill her for their own peace of mind.

What’s worse, the siblings begin hearing cries for help from a time long ago. Cries from a hated prince and a shunned princess. A dark goddess is on their tail, and she may be behind the problems Clyde and Aylee face today.

Now, Clyde must find a way to save the royals and clear his name. Aylee must uncover the villain stirring up hatred against her and her brother. If they fail, their assailants won’t just win. An entire race will fall to a dark goddess’s lust for death.

Book two of this steampunk fantasy trilogy, The First Dark Goddess, will take you on an epic adventure of betrayal, war, and perilous magic. Perfect for readers who enjoy powerful elves, dangerous dragons, and sorcery unlike any other!

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