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Embrace the magic. Save the realms.

Many teens want an escape from reality, that’s why I write young adult fantasy in a fascinating modern world full of magic and adventure that lingers even after the last page.
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I understand the need to escape to a different world.

Just like you, I want a good book to get lost in.

Let’s leave mundane life for extraordinary realms.


The Truth About Me

I’m Abby Arthur, obsessive writer, constant tea drinker, coffee admirer, and Marvel fan. I’m that person at the high school lunch table hunched over a good novel, or doodling in a sketch book… Ok, to be honest, I never doodle, I draw. BIG difference, if you know what I mean. I always turn in my homework on time… except for that one day in that one class I took opposite PE and … Well, let’s just say I’m always perfect, except for the times that I’m not.

How’d I start?

I live in small-town Iowa with my husband and son. I fell in love with writing fantasy books at the age of eight because I loved the stories my sister read to me at night. As she read, I had an epiphany: books take you to different places and times. I thought to myself, “I can do that!” Now I can’t survive without writing. It is a passion, and a way of life for me.

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Your author friend,
Abby Arthur