The First Dark Chaos (Whisper Court Book 0)

A lost god. A stolen princess.
And a love that broke the world.

Jay is in over his head. As leader of the ragtag Whisper Crew—a group of young fallen angels—this adolescent captain has one life mission: steal from the wicked queen and feed the starving subjects of her war-torn realm. But things take a turn when she casts a deadly curse over his heart and orders him to kidnap the one person he’s mysteriously infatuated with, her stepdaughter.

Angelic Princess Alëunná is hated by many people. She will not only inherit the realm, but she’s best friends with the God of Life, heir to the world. A god she’s madly in love with, and who happens to be betrothed to her younger half-sister. Worse, he’s gone, lost to a great battle against a dark god … because of her.

Now Jay has no choice but to obey the queen’s curse and capture—and sacrifice—the one angel he adores. But Alëunná isn’t a simple target, and many enemies have their eyes on her—including the dark god of the past. That battle isn’t over. It’s only changed faces. And Jay is stuck in the middle with his heart held in the balance.

Save the world … or the one he loves? That question will cost Jay everything.

The First Dark Chaos is a standalone fantasy romance set in the world of the Whisper Court series. It’s full of forbidden romance, dark curses, and epic battles – perfect for fans of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and the dark side of fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White. If you like a fantasy-steampunk setting, forbidden romance, dark curses, bad*ss heroines, and morally-gray heroes, you’ll devour this addictive story.

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