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I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!! The style of this book is out of this world. I love that I was able to picture myself in the book while all of this happened. :)

Stitchisking (Amazon Reviewer)

An Awkward Wizard. An Aspiring Ballerina. And a Dark God with a Wicked Vendetta.

About The First Dark Sorcerer

Clyde Blitzkurr is devastated. Rejected by every reputable magic academy in the realm, this seventeen-year-old aspiring wizard resolves to make his sister’s dream come true. But things take a turn when a demon tries to kill him.

Aylee Blitzkurr’s deepest desire is at hand. Accepted to the most prestigious dance academy, this sixteen-year-old ballerina is a breath away from becoming a principal dancer. But when her brother’s life is threatened, and ghosts start leaving cryptic messages, fighting for Clyde’s wellbeing takes precedence.

The siblings begin to uncover dangerous secrets connecting them to a vengeful god. Neither is safe. Clyde must grasp the untapped power he possesses. Aylee must discover the courage to face her darkest fears. If they do not, they will lose more than their lives… they will miss their destiny. And the realms are counting on them.

Phantom of the Opera meets Cassandra Clair’s Clockwork Angel in this steampunk fantasy!

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This book is magical and fantastic. It is full of twists and turns that will keep you wanting more. I could not put the book down! The characters are full of life and the world is beautiful. This is a must read for any fantasy lover!

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