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These twins are trained assassins…
But sometimes magic is more dangerous than death.

If you want a fun, fantasy read, I recommend checking this out. Twins of Shadows held my interest until the very last page and did not disappoint.

Carly Rae from HeyItsCarlyRae.com

About Twins of Shadow

A crown prince and his twin brother are secretly skilled assassins … Killing for a cause they both despise.

Bound to a dragon by a powerful spell, Tarrek and Albree are sent on their deadliest mission yet: Overcome an archangel, capture an innocent snake whisperer and smuggle him across foreign soil, alive. If they fail to comply with the spell’s demand, it will drive them to insanity. Yet a deadlier force commands their attention when an ice-wielding slave trader freezes several civilians in a local village, ensnaring Albree’s love interest in the process.  Will the twins choose to complete their near-suicide mission or fight insanity to save innocent lives?

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Abby’s work will leave you wanting to turn another page, read another novel, and delve further and further into this magical realm.

Anna Post

Scroll down for a sneak peek into Twins of Shadow


Peek Inside Twins of Shadow

Chapter 1

Snakes slither through the grass. Dry, rough scales brush against tall green blades, hiding them from view. My magic counts five. Venom drips from their fangs. Tongues shooting from their mouths seek me, Tarrek Vaydmehn, Crown Prince of Jasikx. The mask I wear over my nose and mouth hides my identity. I’m not here on matters of court. I’m here on secret business—and not by choice.

Standing in the center of an open field, I have a bow in one hand and arrows in the other. Magic spins around me, in vain, to hold my invisibility. Bending light and dark only works on those who have eyes to see, like the man controlling the snakes. He’s running on the edge of the field, using a staff to deflect needles shooting out of the shadows behind him. He’s my target, a Jäyûn with the gift to control snakes. His staff skills are a surprise, but mortal. No magic is involved there.

The needles are from my twin brother, Albree, a Jäyûn who can walk in the shadows. Let him take down the man. I’d rather deal with the snakes. Perhaps by facing them, the man can get away. I always hope my targets run to a place I can never find them. It’d be better for us both.

The snakes’ tongues nip through the energy around me, bringing me back to the situation at hand. One lunges. I drop my powers, since they’re useless in this fight. I snap my bow in a flash. An arrow shoots through the creature’s mouth. It falls dead.

Three more strike. I have four arrows left in my hand, so I fire three within two seconds. Two snakes die like the first. The last I merely clip. I spin out of his way, but the final snake lunges and devours my calve.

I scream. Its fangs dig deep, its venom dripping into me. Before I can think, I draw a dagger and chop off its head—which remains stuck to my leg. The other snake strikes again. I move to slice it, but a hand materializes out of the shadows and three needles shoot through the snake’s eyes. Another hand appears with a dagger and stakes the creature’s head into the ground.

“That went well,” Albree says as he forms his entire figure in a crouch before me. He’s cloaked in black. A mask like mine covers his face. A purple eye stares at me, the other is hidden behind his hair.

“You could’ve been sooner,” I say and sink to my knees. I pry the snake head out of my leg.

“You know how the spell works. I couldn’t just let him go.”

Indeed, I do. The spell from the dragon runs through my veins like this venom. It controls us, makes the princes of Jasikx her personal assassins.

“But he did get away,” I say. The spell pulls at my chest, beckoning me to follow the man. Bring him to me, it demands. Alive.

“Someone jumped him out of here,” Albree says, his tone flat. “He has powerful friends, it would seem. We’ll continue this another day.”

Because we have no choice but to fulfil the mission. The spell will drive us crazy if we don’t.

My heart’s drumming, and my head’s starting to spin as the venom claws at my calf. I hiss and pull up my pant leg. My veins are turning green and popping out a little.

“Here.” Albree takes a flask from under his cloak. “Drink this. It’ll slow the venom.”

“From Csharynn?” I ask as I reach for it.

Albree tilts his head. The only brow I can see is lifted. “The dragon knew what she sent us after.”

“Of course she did.” I pull my mask down and take a swig. A dry burn grinds down my throat. My nose scrunches and my lips pull with a grimace. It burns in my stomach too, then through my veins. Even though I can’t feel anyone else around, I pull my mask back up.

“Come on.” Albree holds out a hand. “Let’s find someone to heal you.”

“Ever thought of just letting me die?”

“And leave me alone with the mission? You’re crazy. Besides, what would Dad say if I brought you home dead?”

I chuckle, though it lacks humor, and take his hand. “Maybe I’d be the nudge he needs to kick Csharynn out of our lands.”

My brother’s purple eye darkens. “It would take more than your death to get rid of her.”

Albree grips my hand tightly and suddenly everything’s black.

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