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These twins are trained assassins…
But sometimes magic is more dangerous than death.

Abby’s work will leave you wanting to turn another page, read another novel, and delve further and further into this magical realm.

Anna Post

Find the Magical Portal You’ve Been Looking For


1 High stakes and dastardly villains

Find a page turner that doesn’t let you go, even after the last page.

2 Glowing magic and dangerous dragons

Fall in love with characters just like you as they discover magical powers, form lasting friendships, and conquer evil.

3 Assassins and kung fu

Follow the lives of teens who are royalty by day and assassins by night.


I write YA fantasy for readers who love staring evil in the face, who want to slay it with a glowing sword and feel their hair stand on end as they destroy darkness from the inside out.

YES, I know you’re the kind of person who wants to be taken on an adventure to a world you’ve never seen.

To do that, you need a good story to portal you from reality.

The problem is, there are so many books to choose from it makes you feel overwhelmed.

I believe in great stories that are easy to find and captivating to the very end. I understand what it’s like to search for a great book and not know what to choose.

That’s why I present my stories in an easy to find archive here on my site. As a new story is published, it is posted to the BOOKS page, this way you can find exactly what you need to meet your magic and adventure needs.

Here’s how it works:

1 Go to the BOOKS page here on my site.

2 Easily find the book you want.

3 Order your book.

So go check out the BOOKS page and stop wasting your precious free time looking for your next great read.

Escape reality for a modern world of magic, action, and adventure.

About Twins of Shadow

A crown prince and his twin brother are secretly skilled assassins … Killing for a cause they both despise.

Bound to a dragon by a powerful spell, Tarrek and Albree are sent on their deadliest mission yet: Overcome an archangel, capture an innocent snake whisperer and smuggle him across foreign soil, alive. If they fail to comply with the spell’s demand, it will drive them to insanity. Yet a deadlier force commands their attention when an ice-wielding slave trader freezes several civilians in a local village, ensnaring Albree’s love interest in the process.  Will the twins choose to complete their near-suicide mission or fight insanity to save innocent lives?

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