What You Didn’t Know About Albree Vaydmehn

A YA Fantasy Character Interview

Hello my magic wielding friends!
Ever wish you could talk to your favorite character (and not seem like a crazy person)?
You’re in luck!
As an author, I get to talk to my characters all the time. No, it’s not because I’m nuts … or am I?
It’s a great exercise I use to get to know and understand my characters better. Since I do this periodically, I thought, heck, why not let you enjoy this experience too?
So, without further ado, let’s get on with the interview!

Twins with bow and sword, fantasyInterview with Albree Vaydmehn from “Twins of Shadow”

Q – Albree, some of our readers already know who you are from your debut in the ya fantasy book for teens, TWINS OF SHADOW, but not everyone here has read the book yet. Can you tell us who you are?
A – Yeah. Sure. I’m seventeen years old. My name’s Albree Vaydmehn, and I’m twin brother to Tarrek Vaydmehn—
Yes, we’re identical. It’s a pain. He’s heir to the Jasikx throne, and I’m fortunately the hidden side kick.
Q – Quite literally hidden, if I’m not mistaken. You have a special ability?
A – I do. I can become shadows and walk in them. Great way to spy… kind of a lonely life though.
Q – What do you think people need to know about you when meeting you for the first time?
A – Oh gods, (rubbing the back of his head and blowing out a long sigh)
I guess I’d say it’s better if they didn’t run into me. But if we cross paths, I hope it’s because you’re waiting in line for my next show. Not because you’re my next target.
Q – As long as you’re not trying to kill me, I don’t think I’d mind you hunting me down.
A – (Silent stare) … (I’m not sure he wants to elaborate on this.)
Q – You mentioned waiting in line for your next show. Are you in a band?
A – Yes, with my sister, best friend, and cousin. It’s called Sheva and the Serenities. Sheva’s my little sister and the lead singer.
Q – Isn’t the music more of a hard rock sound?
A – Yes.
Q – Then what made you guys decided to call it “the Serenities”.
A – (Snorts in a cute way) Really, it was supposed to be an oxymoron. You’re right. There is nothing serine about our music.
Q – Do you write any of the songs?
A – Yes, some of them are coming out in the future books, if I’m not mistaken.
Q – You are correct. Do you know when people can expect to see you in more stories?
A – I can’t give a direct answer. Top secret stuff and all. But if I overheard right, there’s more coming out later this year.
Q – Are you in any of those upcoming young adult fantasy stories?
A – (Nervous chuckle.) So far, I’m in all of them.
Q – Any secrets that you can let slide for your readers?
A – Um… (giving me a lifted brow) I don’t want the author to kill me.
Q – Oh, just a little something, please!
A – You’ll get a glimpse at how my brother and I help capture some of those Jäyûns. [Magic wielding person—for those of you who don’t know]. And maybe learn how I first met Hinya.
(Looks nervously to the side)
That’s all I can say for now. I have to go.
(Seeps into the shadows and disappears)


So there you have it, folks. A slight glimpse into your young prince and his magical powers. Don’t you love that he’s in a band? I can’t wait to hear his stuff! And see those fantasy stories he said will come out later in 2020, your time, of course, not his.
If you enjoyed this moment with Albree, let me know in the comments below. If you want another interview with him, please tell me what questions you want me to ask, and I’ll be sure to rope him into another interview!
Until next time, be sure to share “Twins of Shadows” with your friends so more people can be excited about the fantasy adventures, assassins, and magic just waiting to be explored!
Your author friend,
Abby Arthur

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