The First Dark Sorcerer Characters

As envisioned by the author, created in MidJourney, and perfected in Clip Studio when needed.

Here’s the characters from the Epic Dark YA Fantasy, the First Dark Sorcerer, Whisper Court Book 1 by Abby Arthur (me 😉)

I’ve had so much fun creating my characters across different forms of medium. From making them myself in Clip Studio to having AI do it for me. These are my favorite and I’m so excited to share them all here!

Check out all characters below.

But first, enjoy the book trailer in this video 👇!

Okay, onto the character images!

Let’s start with Clyde Blitzkurr, the wizard/ sorcerer star of the book

You know that person in your life who always makes you feel special, loved, and just a little bit “normal”?

Meet Clyde, the adorable, awkward, and magical best friend you always wanted. With his blue magic and loveable personality, you’ll be glad he’s on your side.

He might be horrible with a dagger, and his grimoire might bite your hand off, but don’t worry when demons come at you! His magic won’t save him, but it WILL save the people he cares about the most!

Aylee Blitzkurr, Ballet dancer and sister to Clyde.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the sister of an awkward wizard?

Our Aylee in this the young adult fantasy gets a front row seat to her beloved brother’s ridiculously dangerous life.

She also gets the pleasure of being haunted by some (friendly?) ghosts, facing some villainous demons, and battling a powerful dark god (or two).

Even so, she still somehow has the dive to follow her dreams.

Here are four reasons why I love Aylee Blitzkurr:

1) She is an aspiring ballerina with a passion for the art and a drive to succeed.

2) She is a sweet and loving sister who always puts her family first.

3) She’s dedicated to her dreams and works hard each day to make them a reality.

4) She has a strong personality and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. (Even if that means facing the most powerful of evil beings … on their turf.)

Discover more of Aylee’s life and world and check out her book, “The First Dark Sorcerer“, – an adventure full of awkward heroes, dangerous villains, epic battles, and unexpected twists!

Sedric Taylo, Brooding soldier … with brilliant dagger skills…

Meet Sedric: The brooding and mysterious soldier not afraid to draw your blood … only to make sure you’re not infected with demon poison, of course.

Back early from the Ghost War (where all his comrades were slaughtered), Sedric is a man of few words and lots of action.

The scar over his left eyebrow is one of many tokens brought back from the battlefield.

Oh, and he’s really rich. But I don’t want to give too much away, or he would no longer be mysterious, right!?

I’m honestly stoked to share this picture with you, because he’s the first non-main character image from the story. And, dude, he was a hard one to get right.

Have you read about Sedric in the YA fantasy, the First Dark Sorcerer, (on Amazon)? Do you love this rendering of him as much as I do!?

Mac Vandiir, Healer and Ètâscèn

Orange eyes, neon orange highlights … and no, he’s not human.

Meet Mac, the Ètâscèn (A creature that’s soul purpose to to heal and protect mankind).

He might me 203 years old, but don’t let that fool you. In Ètâscèn years, he’s still an adolescents.

Mac is one of my favorite characters to write about. There’s just something about him that makes me smile. Maybe it has to do with one of these best qualities:

1) his sense of humor

2) how aloof he is to most happenings

3) his intense love of history. (He’s the type of guy to bring a book to a party … 🤣)

Mac is also a writer, so maybe I can’t help but connect with him there.

Enjoy all his crazy antics in the action packed YA Fantasy book, “the First Dark Sorcerer”, where dangerous villains hide in the shadows, and somehow Mac manages to keep himself (and others) alive.


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